Radiohead Claims Lana Del Rey Ripped off ‘Creep’

Radiohead Claims Lana Del Rey Ripped off ‘Creep’

And, they’re suing for 100% of the song profits.

Lana Del Rey is back in the spotlight, but not in the way she wants.  Her song “Get Free,” which is off her new album ‘Lust for Life,’ landed her in the middle of a nasty legal situation.  Radiohead claims she stole their song and demand compensation.  While their lawyer claims they want some royalties, Lana Del Rey spilled the beans on twitter.



Yikes!  And 40 percent publishing is way generous!  But, fans are calling Radiohead a bit hypocritical here for demanding 100 percent of the profits.

So, here’s the history of Creep if you need a refresher course.  Creep came out in 1993 and immediately landed into a legal situation of its own… because Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood, the writers of the Hollies’ “The Air That I Breathe,” accused them of plagiarism.  Radiohead even admitted the songs sounded similar and gave them writing credits and royalties.

So, this means Lana Del Rey could be smacked with another suit in the future.

What do you think?   Does Get Free sound like Creep?