Today*s Star – Demi Lovato

Today*s Star – Demi Lovato

She’s not sorry about her sexy new image!

Demi Lovato is one of the bravest celebrities in Hollywood.  Overcoming addiction, eating disorders, and nonstop criticism from the media… she has succeeded and is not about to let anyone else walk in her shoes.

With her powerful anthems “Sorry Not Sorry” and “Confident,” Demi is moving in a new direction that’s inspiring self-love and self-acceptance, two integral things she denied herself while growing up under Disney’s spotlight.  She says she works with herself every day to undo the damage years of unrealistic expectations have done to her.

She’s a fierce advocate of equality and is unafraid to call out her fellow celebrities for their misjudgments.

We couldn’t be prouder or happier for Demi.  Keep being amazing, girl!



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