Demi Lovato Chooses Niall Horan over Rihanna?

Demi Lovato Chooses Niall Horan over Rihanna?

Yeah, even Ellen DeGeneres was shocked by the surprise pick!

Demi Lovato hung out with Ellen to talk body positivity, her upcoming tour, new documentary Simply Complicated, and… her love life?  Demi came out as bisexual in October, so Ellen had some fun asking Demi who’d she rather.

That was the name of the game: Who’s You Rather.  So, leave it to your creative mind to figure out where they were going with this…

Unsurprisingly, Rihanna seemingly smoked the competiton until a picture of sweet Niall Horan appeared, and Demi abandoned the RiRi ship.  Even Ellen was stunned, but Demi called Niall a good friend and that she likes him more than Rihanna.

The Sorry Not Sorry singer unabashedly kept picking Niall until she got to Kristen Stewart.  When Ellen tried her hand at confirming whether Demi and Nick Jonas were dating, the songstress eagerly picked Kristen.

But, in the final round, it was Rihanna who eventually won.  So let me get this straight Rihanna < Niall Horan < Kristen Stewart < Rihanna… makes perfect sense to me!

Watch the hilarious clip here: