Today*s Star – Kesha

Today*s Star – Kesha

Kesha is taking her life back!  She’s out with a new single, Praying!

2015 was tumultuous enough with her court battles and roadblocks, and 2016 dealt her more blows that made everyone reel from the shock.  Although a judge ruled that she couldn’t break her contract with her accused abuser, Dr. Luke – now the world is seeing some email exchanges that shines truth onto her claims.

But, let’s move onto the positive because that’s what she’d want us to focus on!

Kesha is back to being her happy loving self now that she’s back on tour and spraying fans with glitter and positivity.  Her tour has been described as an ” Essentially Rainbow-Colored, Glitter-Spattered Pop Church.”  Sign me up, because that’s exactly a place I’d like to go!  Billboard described it perfectly:

“The amount of glitter on people’s bodies, multi-colored apparel and even fantastical accessories (like unicorn horns) is so abundant that it’s hard not to feel full of glee walking through the crowd.”

She made history when her single “Tik Tok” smashed digital sales records, and to this day is still one of the best-selling single in history.   She has sold over 60 million records worldwide.


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