Today*s Star – Gavin Degraw

Today*s Star – Gavin Degraw

He rocked Peaches in Norwalk at his Star 99.9 Michael’s Jewlers Acoustic Session!  Raven even admitted that Gavin was his secret “man-crush.”

Okay, whenever someone says Gavin Degraw, I can’t help but think of One Tree Hill.  His breakout single, “I Don’t Wanna Be” became the popular show’s opening song, which enjoyed 9 seasons on the WB/ The CW.

However, he’s more than just a theme song.  He’s also laid out some popular 2k anthems that, to this day, you can’t help but sing along to: ‘Chariot’ and ‘Not Over You’ come to mind. Plus, he made a major comeback last year when he teamed up with Wrabel and Andy Grammer for a huge tour.  He also issued new music, “She Sets the City on Fire” which became a personal anthem, so to say.

Now, he’s kicking butt with his new song, “Making Love with the Radio On.”  Make sure you buy his new album, Something Worth Saving.  You won’t regret it!

This Berklee graduate continues to make the music he wants to make, which is somewhat rare in the music industry.  So, he’s always super genuine whenever he performs, because you’re getting him and not a product.  So to say.

Can’t wait to see him on the 24th at Peaches!


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