Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pal: Sabrina

Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pal: Sabrina

Sabrina is a 5 year old pit bull terrier mix looking for her forever home. She’s a very sweet and happy girl whose favorite place is around you!

She is fun, slightly goofy and ready to wiggle her way into your heart. She is a medium energy girl with spurts of energy.  She walks well on leash and is working on her basic commands.

Sabrina is deaf, but she’s adept at following visual signals. Sabrina would love to engage you in a game of fetch followed, of course, by lots of doggy kisses! Sabrina’s perfect family will and give her quality fun and snuggle time.

She is up for adoption at Pet Animal Welfare Society, 504 Main Ave., Norwalk, CT  06851

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