Today*s Star – Beyonce

Today*s Star – Beyonce

Beyonce keeps proving she’s the queen of music.  She’s also the Queen of breaking the Internet.  Most of all, she’s just the Queen of pretty much everything in the history of ever.

Okay, let’s do some math.  She’s been nominated for 519 awards, from Grammys to Oscars… and has won 244 of them.  Beyoncé is also the Top Certified Artist in America.  On top of that, she’s the first artist to have their first six studio albums debut at number one on the Billboard 200 chart.  That’s impressive.

But, her music career has to wait now that she has the twins to deal with, Rumi and Sir Carter.  I’m sure her little girl, Blue Ivy, is also helping her parents take care of the little ones.

Anyways, her net worth is $350 million, making her the most lucrative person in the music industry.

If we had an option to make “Star of the History of Ever”… it’d definitely be her!



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