Grumpy Cat Wins $700,000 Lawsuit Payout

Grumpy Cat Wins $700,000 Lawsuit Payout

Someone give that grumpy face a round of… ap-paws.

So, remember when Grumpy Cat had her own drink line?  Turns out US coffee company Grenade breached that contract, which landed them in court.  So, back in 2013, Grenade made a $150,000 deal to market their “Grumppuccino,” which used an image of Grumpy Cat’s face.  However, the deal was ONLY good for the bottled drink and for nothing more.  Well, they went ahead and made T-shirts and ground coffee using the same logo.

Naturally, Grumpy Cat Limited sued them for breach of contract.  But, Grenade counter sued, claiming GC didn’t uphold her end of the bargain of their agreement.  They said GC didn’t mention their brand enough on social media and on television.

But, the California judge sided with Grumpy Cat’s team and awarded them $710,000 in damages.  On top of a symbolic $1 nominal damage fee.

So, I guess when you mess with the cat… prepare to deal with the claws!


Image credit: PR Photos