Kylie Minogue Triumphs over Kylie Jenner in Trademark Legal Battle

Kylie Minogue Triumphs over Kylie Jenner in Trademark Legal Battle

Yes, Kylie Jenner tried to trademark her name and Kylie Minogue was NOT having it.  And, this time last year, she won that battle in court.  But, now she’s finally speaking up about what happened.

The Australian pop singer said the suit was nothing personal, but felt that if Jenner trademarked her name, it’d create confusion and damage HER brand.

Minogue opened up about how she felt about the entire ordeal in an interview with Rolling Stone, and said she had a few regrets. Especially over her lawyer calling Jenner was a “secondary reality television personality,” which was misconstrued as something that SHE said.

“Can you imagine me saying that?!  That was just unfortunate that that is how those lawyers speak. So I genuinely hope that it’s understood: That certainly did not come from me.”

Yeah, her lawyer called Jenner “A secondary reality television personality who appeared on the television series Keeping Up With the Kardashians as a supporting character.”  Yikes.

When pressed upon how she felt about Jenner, Minogue clarified:

“I’ve never met Kylie Jenner. I’ve never met any member of the family – actually, I’ve met Kendall just in passing at a fashion event – but I honestly don’t know them. It’s awkward, because fans get so loyal and vocal, and we love that! But it was nothing personal at all, I’m at pains to say.”

And then went on to describe what Trademarking is really like:

“Trademark is long, it’s boring, it’s expensive, and it’s really important. I’ve been doing that for years and years. It was just causing confusion with customers. As long as it’s clear, then we can all win”

Either way, Kylie Minogue is thrilled the courts sided with her.  She broke out in the 80’s and, back then, her name was not very common so she had to work hard to get people to say her name properly.

“It took so long for people to get my name in the first place. “Kyle?” “No, Kyle-E!”

Lastly, Kylie Jenner revealed that she gave birth to a baby girl.  She made the announcement in a 12-minute long YouTube video.