Music You Should Know: Julia Michaels, Clean Bandit, and Foster the People!

Music You Should Know:  Julia Michaels, Clean Bandit, and Foster the People!

It takes a lot of talent for an artist to reinvent their music while still sounding like themselves.  It’s no wonder why they kept their oldest fans hungry for more of their music!


Clean Bandit & Julia Michaels – I Miss You

This song’s been bubbling beneath the charts for weeks but, suddenly, gained a ton of traction in plays, sales, and streaming.  This song combines the reluctant pop genius of Michaels and Clean Bandit’s unconventional classical-inspired harmonies, creating the perfect earworm.  There’s something special about Julia Michaels’ melancholic tone as she sings a heartfelt story that can make even the most guarded person pining for that special person that they miss.  Some breakups are messy while some are fueled by rage, but Michaels and co touch upon those heartbreaking splits when you’re still in love.  Michaels explains:

 “It’s a simple song, about the unbelievable pain of breaking up with someone you love.”

The messy emotions spill over as Michaels sings about how she copes poorly with the pain, such as denying the breakup happened, or comforting herself with the fact her ex’s parents still don’t know they’re no longer together because it’d upset them.

And it’s no wonder how this aching melody can resonate with so many people.  Michaels said she “wrote [‘I Miss You’] at the height of an emotional roller coaster. When I was stuck at the top, this flew out of me.”

Enjoy this emotional punch and have those tissues at hand before listening to this melodic masterpiece below.

Foster The People – Sit Next To Me

Foster The People is back with a brand new album, Sacred Hearts Club.  You’ve noticed they sound a little bit different and that’s because they stepped away from their acoustic folksy sound and into the soul, dance, and electronica world.  And, boy, do they rock it!  If a band wishes to survive in the music industry, they have to evolve with it, just as other greats like Maroon 5 and Imagine Dragons had to do.   And, although Foster The People revolutionized the industry with their 2012 album “Torches,” now they need to prove they have what it takes to stay true to their brand while venturing into new styles of music.  Sit Next to Me proves these guys sure know how to make a sultry song.  This bright and uplifting dance tune combines the psychedelic dance hits from the 60’s and brings them to the 21st century.

However, despite this new kind of music they’re working on, they managed to keep their old fans by retaining the most important thing a band can have: personality.  Despite this new genre of music they’re working on, you know it’s still Foster the People.   They’re just having fun exploring new sounds and delighting fans young and old with what they came up with.