Today* Star – Miley Cyrus

Today* Star – Miley Cyrus

She’s taking her life in a new direction.

Yep, she’s giving up weed, cursing, drinking, and those crazy outfits.  She’s ready for the next chapter in her life married to the love of her life.  And her new music is gonna reflect all that.  Still, that doesn’t mean we won’t be missing out on some powerhouse vocals.

She says she’s going to be doing more “rootsy” music for a bit, so she can swing back into her country upbringing.  I mean, let’s not forget her dad sang that one hit wonder from the 90’s “Achy Breaky Heart.”  Although, she definitely has more staying power than her dad.

She also has better hair, if you can believe it.

So, buckle up kids, when Miley comes out with new music, you’re gonna be getting a whole new Miley.  She transforms her image like Lady Gaga… but let’s see if she can make it as effortless.


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