Camila Cabello Reveals Thoughtful Reason Behind Her ‘Toned Down’ Songs

Camila Cabello Reveals Thoughtful Reason Behind Her ‘Toned Down’ Songs

When in 5th Harmony, Camila Cabello used to swear and make adult references in songs. But now that she’s gone solo, her music seems somewhat toned down.

Camila sat with NME about her upcoming (but not yet announced) tour and began discussing what songs she’d be singing. More importantly, if she’d reinvent some of her old 5E hits. Her response?

“No… no, definitely not.”

So, NME pressed her if it was a legal thing or something else entirely. To which, Camila revealed:

“I think it has a lot to do with the fact I have a sister who’s 10. Even if I swear in real life, I don’t like swearing in songs. Because she listens to my songs with all her friends and I don’t want them to not be able to sing along. I definitely always keep that audience in my mind.”

There you have it, she wants her songs to be sung by the whole family. That’s incredibly thoughtful of her since she is aware of her younger fan base and respects the facts that parents want to shield their children from more mature themes.

There’s a reason my parents didn’t allow me to sing “Like a Virgin” or “Barbie Girl.”

Either way, it sounds like Camila is trying to create a new image for herself, and when asked about what she wants the audience to think of her, she answered

“Maybe a mix of honest and exciting. And also nice! I definitely want people to think I’m nice.”

Considering how people felt about meeting her at Westfield Trumbull Mall during her CD signing, I think she’s got that “nice” reputation in the bag. Everyone said she was really sweet and interested in every fan that walked up to her for her autograph.

Image Credit: PR Photos