Redheads Are Finally Getting Their Own Emoji!

Redheads Are Finally Getting Their Own Emoji!

Gingers rejoice!  Apple finally noticed us and will allow us to fully express ourselves in emoji form.

Apple just announced a swath of new emojis coming to their new iOS update.  All together, our phones will get 157 new emojis in all, ranging from a lobster, cupcake, superheroes, to a pirate flag.  But, the emojis making the biggest wave on social media is their hotly anticipated REDHEAD EMOJIS.  Best yet, the redheaded emojis come in every skin color, too.  Finally, every redhead can fully express themself!

However, this update won’t hit our phones until June.  And, even then, it might not make it to everyone until September.  Ugh!  I hate to wait that long, but I’ve long felt excluded from the emoji world.  Now, I can finally join it.

What emoji do you hope Apple introduces next?  Which emoji do you use the most?

Image Credit: maia3000 / iStock / Getty Images Plus