Did American Idol Erase All Traces of Kelly Clarkson!?

Did American Idol Erase All Traces of Kelly Clarkson!?

Oooh… ouch. And she was their first Idol, too! More importantly, Kelly Clarkson is arguably their most SUCCESSFUL finalist!

But, in a new promo teasing the upcoming reboot of American Idol, they expunged all traces of their first winner in a new promo detailing the successful lives of their past contestants.  However, the promo did feature a few seconds of Clarkson singing her winning song in the season 1 finale.  But, that was it.  She was just a cameo while Adam Lambert, Carrie Underwood, and Jennifer Hudson got to detail their stories of fame and success post-Idol.

Many believe this snub is because Clarkson recently severed ties with her old record label and jumped ship to The Voice. Strangely, they included Jennifer Hudson, who also coached on The Voice, a show that’s been Idol’s bitter rival since 2011 (and is now “America’s Favorite” singing competition.)  So, what gives?

Understandingly so, Clarkson’s fans are righteously livid.  They say Clarkson repeatedly went back onto the show to preform and give insightful suggestions to the new string of competitors. However, many claim Idol would have been nothing had it not been for Clarkson’s overwhelming success in the industry.

With that said, Idol definitely started off on the wrong foot and a number of fans said they won’t give the reboot a chance now.

As for why Clarkson decided to ditch Idol for the Voice?  She told Variety it was all about the nature of the competition:

“Would it have been awesome to come back to the show that started me and help give someone that start? Yes! But that doesn’t mean I can’t do the same thing on The Voice. On Idol, you can’t really have a relationship.  And I, as you can tell, love talking and having relationships.”

The Voice premiers on NBC on February 26th.  Idol premiers on March 11th on ABC.

Image Credit: PR Photos