The Anna and Raven Show 2/14/18

The Anna and Raven Show 2/14/18

Anna’s husband Paul was her special guest host today for Valentine’s Day!

Chloe Kim, the outstanding snowboarder who won gold at the Olympics, told a story about her father texting her to “Be the Dragon” before her run. Can Anna and her husband Paul convince and inspire Hayden to be the bear?

Producer Christian’s new year’s resolution was to be more romantic to his girlfriend Michelle, and Mayor Joe Ganim told him to write a poem! How will it go over? Will he win Valentine’s Day?

Anna’s husband Paul is her special co-host today while Raven recovers from sugery, and since that is, can the listeners beat him in trivia about The Anna and Raven Show?

Anna, Producer Christian and her husband Paul go over all the things that make them say “that’s all I need to know about you!” Valentine’s Day edition!

Normally, the cheat sheet happens at 3:30 every day with Kevin Begley, but since Kevin is Anna’s guest host tomorrow, that can’t happen, otherwise he’ll know! That’s why it’s podcasted, it’s a secret!

The luge is one of the most intense sports in the whole Olympics, and the double luge is tonight? Anna wants to know, who would Paul Zap and Producer Christian’s partner’s be?

Anna and her husband Paul are hosting the show today, and they are playing their version of the newlywed game, even though they’ve been married for 12 years!

Today on the Honda of Westport Couples Court, it’s a very special one because it features Anna and her special guest host, her husband Paul! Today is all about the trip up to Vermont that they are taking over the weekend, and what’s going to happen if he leaves early!

Anna, her husband Paul, and Producer Christian go over all the good news that’s happening in their lives, bceause they never want to know the bad news, only the good news! Today is all about Valentine’s Day plans and Producer Christian’s girlfriend got a raise!