Fifth Harmony Reportedly Getting Ready to Split up

Fifth Harmony Reportedly Getting Ready to Split up

Excuse me while I pretend to be shocked while standing next to this popcorn machine…

Yes, harmonizers, it looks like 5H is on life support after the group suddenly cancelled their Australian tour.  For a 2nd time.  The reason?  “Scheduling requirements.”

Uh… they were scheduled to go on tour…?  Where and how did their own schedule suddenly conflict with itself?

Either way, refunds are on the way for disappointed Australian fans.

Anyways, this news comes off the heels of a recent rumor that Lauren Jauregui is switching labels and prepping a solo album.  This also feeds into the numerous rumors that the girls aren’t getting along and are fighting constantly.  Which, surprisingly, was sparked by Camila Cabello who left the group about a year ago to go solo.   Well, more like Fifth Harmony’s infamous 2017 VMA’s stunt where they yanked a shadowed 5th member off the stage, to which Camila responded by calling the stunt hurtful.

Maybe the group is falling apart because they all wanted to go solo, but didn’t out of fear they wouldn’t be as successful – so they’re jealous of Camila’s success?  Or maybe the girls have simply outgrown each other and need time apart, just like their brother-band, One Direction, did a year ago.  No matter the reason, the group really isn’t doing a great job keeping it together.

That said, I think 5th Harmony is done for unless a miracle happens.

Image credit: PR Photos