Music You Should Know: James Bay and Alice Merton

Music You Should Know:  James Bay and Alice Merton

James Bay is making his official comeback after three years of radio silence.  Also, prepare to be dazzled by newcomer Alice Merton!


James Bay – Wild Love

James Bay is getting ready to hit the ground swinging when his sophomore album drops.  He already made music waves with his debut album, The Chaos and the Calm, but now he’s ready to shake things up a bit more.  Yes, James Bay completely reinvented himself!  He even LOOKS different now that he ditched the fedora and long silky brown hair.  So, why did he wait for over three years to drop new music?

“I’d been making music, I’d been traveling around the world, I’d been touring all of my first record and that all had its sound. I’d been that person, I’d been that version of myself. The most exciting thing about getting off the road and getting back into the studio — particularly when I got to writing ‘Wild Love’ — is I got to really dive head-first into new sounds and be a new version of myself.”

James felt himself evolving as an artist as he penned Wild Love. Obviously, it’s the first song he wrote for his new album because he was ready for the next step.   So, what inspired this song?  Well, for startes, it’s about falling so deep in love with someone.

“When I got home after all that time, traveling around the world, seeing all those people, playing all those massive shows, I got to get back to that person at home and I got to feel that euphoria all over again. So it just felt incredible to be back in the company of that one special person.”

Now that he’s finally home after a chaotic touring schedule… looks like he’s ready to go back on tour to promote his new album… which is still unnamed and has no release date as of yet!



Alice Merton – No Roots

Meet Alice Merton, a German-Canadian-English singer-songwriter.  She moved approximately 12 times in 24 years, so no wonder why she called this song “no roots.”  Merton has lived in Oakville, Ontario, Munich, Bournemouth, London, New York, here in Connecticut, and Berlin… and many more..  She barely had time to lay any roots down before her family packed up and moved to the next adventure due to her father’s job.   That’s what inspired this song:

“I got to a point where I was feeling quite lost. So I decided to write a song that would make me feel better.”

She said that although she felt connected to Germany, France, and Canada, “There’s no one place where my home is.”

This song was a banger overseas and in the American Indie/Alt pop charts.   Now, she’s ready to breakout into pop radio.