Will Kylie Jenner Save Us From the New Snapchat?

Will Kylie Jenner Save Us From the New Snapchat?

Raise your hand if you dislike the new Snapchat design. Oh, is everyone putting up their hand?  Yeah, we’re not a fan either.  Mostly because it hides all our behind the scenes updates and we don’t like the fact you have to FIND our story if you want to see it!

But no one is more furious than Kylie Jenner, who eviscerated $1.3 BILLION from Snapchat’s stock.  All she had to do was type a little Tweet!


After she Tweeted that, Snap’s stocks plummeted by 8 percent.  Not only was Kylie’s words effective, but the long chain of people bemoaning over the same exact thing. Considering the Kardashians and Jenners helped boost Snapchat’s popularity, and even helped invent some popular filters, I think execs should be worried.

Or, at least, think about tweaking the redesign or let people revert back to the old layout.

Are you a fan of the new Snapchat?

Image Credit: PR Photos