Today*s Star – Ed Sheeran

Today*s Star – Ed Sheeran

After taking the entirety of 2015 off, he came back bigger than ever with his new album ÷ (Divide.) You hear his new music everywhere! It became so huge even BEYONCE got involved!

With Ed Sheeran’s gentle voice and profoundly deep lyrics, there’s no question about how everyone’s favorite ginger reached super stardom. His journey is very inspiring!

He left home at 18 to pursue his dream of becoming a professional singer, but wound up homeless! He crashed on friends’ sofas and slept in front of Buckingham Palace until his career began to gain traction. All thanks to the power of YouTube, that’s how people first began finding out about him. In 2011, his career blew up when Jamie Foxx invited him to perform in his LA club.

He’s written hundreds of songs (Including CeeLo’s “Forget You”) and has recorded some of the most powerful romance ballads in the past decade. Despite the massive rush of fame, he remains humble.

If he ever decides to get his license and drive… he’s getting a mini.



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