Music You Should Know:  Kelly Clarkson and Meghan Trainor!

Music You Should Know: Kelly Clarkson and Meghan Trainor!

Kelly Clarkson and Meghan Trainor are letting the world what they REALLY think about love, life, and their careers.


 Meghan Trainor – No Excuses

After taking a full year off due to voice problems Meghan Trainor is back with a new single called No Excuses.. and it’s damn catchy!  It’s also the lead single off Meghan’s upcoming third major-label studio album. “No Excuses.”  This song is a bit different than her other hits, this time focusing on country, blues, and a little bit of retro pop.  This song also capitalizes on the #MeToo movement as Meghan sings against sexism.  This girl power song empowers women to speak up when it’s important.  Or, whenever.  Women have equal rights when it comes to letting their  voice be heard.

On why Meghan released such a powerful anthem, she said: “it needs to be heard right now — the world could use a song like this. It’s about respect — we need a little more R-E-S-P-E-C-T in the world, especially right now.”

Critics so far seem to be falling in love with this song, hailing it as a truer version of what Meghan excels at: being witty and showing off her attitude through crazy awesome vocals.

So, if you need a song to give you a much needed boost, have Meghan’s song make you feel all fired up to demand respect.




Kelly Clarkson – I Don’t Think About You

This is the next single from Kelly’s new album, Meaning of Life.  It’s a bit more mellow than‘Love So Soft,” but she totally crushes it!  This piano ballad explores Kelly needing to leave a toxic relationship and finally reaching the point where she’s completely healed.  She goes on to sing about her newfound strength, saying that she’d go through the BS all over again because it made her the woman she is today.

However, before you think Kelly wrote this song about her past on American Idol, know that a new singer was the brains behind those powerful lyrics.  Her name is Harlœ and she wrote the song based on a failed relationship.  When meeting with Kelly, she said she wrote that her past flame, ‘didn’t work out, and you’re kind of a douche, but thank you for making me a stronger human. Let’s just move on. I wish you well, but I wish you not near me.”

So, maybe Kelly is channeling a bit of spite over American Idol, because she says her old label strangled her creativity and belittled her.  Which also leads into some delcious drama that’s sure to come up on TV soon.  Kelly is also a coach on The Voice this season which just started.  The Voice just so happens to be American Idol’s biggest rival and crushed them in ratings when AI went off air to rework its formula.  But, considering that’s where Kelly got her start… things will certainly get interesting.