Today*s Star – Alessia Cara

Today*s Star – Alessia Cara

With her smoky voice and lilting vocals, you can’t help but close your eyes and smile when you listen to Alessia Cara sing.  That’s why she’s this year’s Best New Artist, according to the GRAMMYs!

This 21-year-old Canadian got her start on YouTube but then started turning heads when she issued her first single “Here” in 2015.  However, her star really blew up when she released “Scars to Your Beautiful” and teamed up with Zedd for “Stay.”  In the meantime, she also got some XP when she teamed up with the House of Mouse to sing Moana’s titular single “How Far I’ll Go.”

Fun fact: her real name is Alessia Caracciolo.  Also, no one in her family has any musical experience so she achieved her fame entirely on her own!  Also, both her parents are Italian so she knows how to speak the language fluently.

She began playing guitar at the ripe age of 10 and hasn’t stopped singing since.  Can’t wait to see what Alessia has in store for us next!

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