Science Encourages Us to Speak to Our Dogs in Baby Voices

Science Encourages Us to Speak to Our Dogs in Baby Voices

If you thought you were being weird or silly by speaking to your dog in a baby voice, never think that again! Science says keep it up!

Researchers at York University in the U.K.say speaking to your pup in a high pitched voice helps improve alertness, attention, and helps foster a stronger bond.  They especially recommend using this voice with puppies, as it has a similar effect on them as it does with babies.

But, overall, science found that your dog actually LIKES being talked to in a baby voice.  In the study, dogs were spoken to in high pitched dog-directed voices (such as “You wanna go for a walk?) and regular pitched voices.  Guess which person the dogs wanted to play with??

Lead author Alex Benjamin told the Huffington Post:

“We’ve shown that dogs are sensitive to this type of speech and it might be useful to use when you meet a dog for the first time, or if you are interacting with a friends’ dog, for example. And if you already use baby talk with your own dog, you can use this study to justify that you aren’t being a ‘crazy dog mom!’”

So, no, you’re not crazy for talking to your dog like a baby.  Science says keep it up!