Justin Bieber Defends Woman from Attacker at Coachella

Justin Bieber Defends Woman from Attacker at Coachella

Here’s one thing you need to know about Justin Bieber: he can’t STAND violence against women.  So, when a man crashed his Coachella after party and grabbed a woman by the throat, Justin took him out.

Let’s back up to the weekend.  Coachella happened, Beyonce brought the house down, and people everywhere enjoyed music and pre-summer vibes.  So, naturally, the after party should have been as equally exciting and fun, right?  Wrong.

TMZ reports that a man, reportedly on drugs, barged into the after party (which was hosted by Bieber’s pal Patrick Schwarzenegger) and went ballistic a girl he thought was his ex.  Bieber ran up to the man and started screaming at him when he grabbed the woman by the throat.  However, the man refused to let go and began to choke her.  Bieber then immediately punched the man in the face and held him against the wall so the girl could break free.

Bieber then threw him out of the party, where he was quickly arrested.

Say what you will about Bieber, but he wasn’t afraid to hold back when another person’s life was in danger.  #Respect