Rachel Platten Forgets Lyrics to National Anthem… Oops!

Rachel Platten Forgets Lyrics to National Anthem… Oops!

It’s like that episode of Hannah Montana all over again, but starring Rachel Platten!

Ray-Ray performed the National Anthem at the Chicago Red Stars vs. Utah Royals MLS soccer game and while she smiled and seemed confident, nerves must have taken over.  She sang “Oh say can you see by the STARS early light.”  The correct lyrics are “DAWN’s early light.”

Rachel paused when she realized her mistake, tried to start over, and flubbed again.  At least the crowd picked up on her nerves and tried helping her out with the lyrics.   After asking for the correct lyrics, Rachel began again and NAILED it!   She also smiled all the way through, too.

Despite all the ruckus this performance drew, Rachel’s performance can’t even begin to hold a candle to Fergie’s “sexy” rendition of the National Anthem, which sits on top of the list of worst performances in the history of ever.

It it okay to forget the lyrics to the national anthem or does Rachel need to apologize?