The Anna & Raven Show: 5-14-18

The Anna & Raven Show: 5-14-18

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Honda of Westport Couple’s Court:

Nick wants to smuggle fireworks to set off during vacation in Florida, Beth’s father is a Florida cop and he never bends the rules. Its a family event with many families celebrating on a lake, Nick says they’ve always done this and her dad will have to get over it. What do you think about this? With your calls and the verdict!

May Manliness 2018:

The annual tradition has returned, everyday in the month of May Anna will present a photo of a man (celebrity or normal citizen) and Raven must say three nice things about them! Submit your nominees and ideas to today and maybe Raven will be mentioning them tomorrow!

Anna & Raven’s Star of the State: Beacon Falls

We’ve decided there’s a lot of towns here in Connecticut that most people have no idea about the cool history they contain, or the best place to hang out, or their modern day claim to fame. Well, no more because Anna & Raven have taken it upon themselves to spend a week highlighting each of our Star Town. Today they start with a pop quiz between Raven and Producer Christian on all things Beacon Falls! It will be madness! Connecticut, whoo whoo!

Raven is thrilled this morning when Anna announces Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim has approved him being made Mayor for Tuesday May 29th as Bridgeport metro celebrates Star 99.9 day! Keep listening for details as the day approaches, know that they’ll be many opportunities to hang with us throughout the day and cap the night off with a pizza party open to everyone!

The Royal wedding and the kickoff of wedding season has Anna & Raven pulling the list of worse wedding songs for 2018! What are the songs people are least likely to want to hear at your wedding?

Can’t Beat Raven:

Every morning at eight try and beat Raven on today’s biggest celebrity stories! If you can do better than him he’ll buy you lunch, good luck!

All I need to know about you:

We get it, snap judgments aren’t very grownup but if we’re honest we all make them! What one thing did you see that was all you need to know about someone?

Tell us something good!

The world is full of bad news everyday, that’s why we make the time to talk about something good each and every day we’re here!

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