Ryan Reynolds Belts Annie’s ‘Tomorrow’ While Disguised as Unicorn

Ryan Reynolds Belts Annie’s ‘Tomorrow’ While Disguised as Unicorn

Well now, Deapool can SING.  Like, really REALLY sing!

So, here’s what happened: Ryan Reynolds crashed a Korean TV show, Masked Singer, while out promoting his new film, Deadpool, which drops on the 18th.

Masked Singer is South Korea’s most popular TV show.  It’s a singing competition where only your voice and not your dashing good looks can save you.

Basically, people are asked to don disguises that completely conceal their identity and, in the first round, are all asked to sing the same song.  The TV show is live, so audience members need to vote during a person’s performance to save them.  If a singer doesn’t get enough votes, only then do they reveal their identity.  (Basically, they wear disguises so they’re solely judged by voice.  No biased voting here!)

Reynolds and his competition were asked to sing “Tomorrow” from the musical, Annie.

Unfortunately, Reynolds wasn’t as good as his competition, and he was eliminated in the first round.  But, when he took off his disguise… the audience went WILD.  Even the judges were screaming and hollering because, well now, that WAS a big surprise!  Reynolds is the FIRST Hollywood actor on the show, so that is a pretty big deal!

Check out his performance and then his big reveal: