Hailee Steinfeld Shines in New ‘Bumblebee’ Teaser

Hailee Steinfeld Shines in New ‘Bumblebee’ Teaser

She’s going to be a WELCOME addition to the Transformers universe!

Bumblebee serves as a prequel to the entire Transformers movies franchise, with critics saying it’s going to really shake things up!  This film will be more light-hearted and sentimental than the normally explosive and gritty narratives director Michael Bay created.  Also, fans rejoiced that Bumblebee is finally the correct make and model… a yellow Volkswagen Beetle.  Before, Transformers had him as a yellow Camaro.

Anyways, Hailee Steinfeld embraces her 80’s spirit (since the film is set in 1987, 20 years before the events of the first film,) in the film.  It starts off with her finding a beat up yellow Volkswagen in a junk yard with the key still inside.  She takes the car but soon discovers while tuning it up that it’s not exactly a car… but an alien Transformer!  The two quickly bond but have to run from a Government Agency called Sector Seven (led by John Cena as Agent Burns.)

Soon, they discover Bumblebee isn’t the only Transformer on earth and that, well, they’re not as friendly as him.

Critics who have grown jaded by the action packed Transformers franchise hailed this film as a breath of fresh air.  It’s light, comedic, with just a splash of action.  Since the formula works so well in Marvel movies… maybe that’s what they’re going for here?  Other critics say this is the closest thing 90’s kids will get to a live action ‘Iron Giant’ movie.  Then again, director Travis Knight has a knack for producing heartfelt films (he directed the CRIMINALLY underrated ‘Kubo and the Two Strings.’)

Anyways, it looks like Hailee Steinfeld is really going to set off a new era for Transformers films and I am 100% here for it!  Not to mention, Bumblebee is my favorite Transformer… and no.  It has nothing to do with the fact that he’s yellow.

Okay, maybe a little.  Like 50 percent the reason.  More like 85 percent.

Here’s the trailer!  Let me know if you think this will be the film to save the Transformers franchise!  It’ll drop this Christmas.