Wendy’s & Burger King Roast IHOP over Name Change

Wendy’s & Burger King Roast IHOP over Name Change

Not everyone is loving IHOP’s new name. But Burger King and Wendy’s definitely let the pancake chain know to stay out of their turf!

So, if you missed it – IHOP (which stands for International House of Pancakes) will be changing its name to IHOb … as in International House of Burgers.  And, yeah, no one loved the name change.  At all.  But no one brought the pain more than the restaurant industry.  Lots of other burger chains voiced their dissatisfaction, but BK and Wendy’s were absolute savages.

For example, Burger King mockingly changed its name to Pancake King to show how they felt about IHOb:

Then, Wendy’s jumped in and wrecked IHOP with a simple tweet, equating their decision making to that of a child:


And then they absolutely DEMOLISHED IHOP in this followup tweet:

Basically, this is the start of the Great Burger Wars and, well… grab a burger and watch the drama unfold.  Here’s some other gems from other burger chains that also grilled the name change:







How does the IHOP name change make you feel?


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