Howie Mandel Predicts They’ve Already Found AGT’s Winner

Howie Mandel Predicts They’ve Already Found AGT’s Winner

Watch as a painfully shy 13-year-old girl basically turns into a mini Janis Joplin on stage!

Holy moly this girl definitely has a shot at taking it all home in this year’s America’s Got Talent.  13-year-old Courtney Hadwin shuffled onto the stage and nervously looked around as the judges asked her about school and her favorite subjects.  However, once the music started rolling, she turned into a complete rock star as she belted out “Hard to Handle.”  She even finished her performance old school style, dropping to her knees and pointing at the crowd.  DANG!

Howie Mandel says Courtney is definitely from a “different era” and compared her to the great Janis Joplin and how she was discovered by Clive Davis.

He then said, before smashing the golden buzzer:

‘I’m not Clive Davis, I’m Howie Mandel, and I can’t sign you to a record deal,’ he said. ‘The only thing I can do for you young lady is give you this!”

Do you think Courtney will become the next AGT winner?  Also, who else experienced some nostalgia when former Glee-star Noah Guthrie took the stage? (If you need a reminder, he was the overweight bullied kid in the final season that always wore headphones?  Yeah, it took me a minute to remember who he was!)

So far, who do you have pegged as this season’s take-it-all winner?