Music You Should Know: Echosmith and P!nk

Music You Should Know: Echosmith and P!nk

Nothing’s wrong with being emotionally vulnerable in a song… in fact, both P!nk and Echosmith excel at that!


Echosmith –  Over My Head

Echosmith is back and the band has evolved beyond their “cool kids” days.  This is the first single off their upcoming album, their 2nd overall, Inside a Dream.

The band is comprised of three siblings: Sydney, Noah and Graham Sierota.  Their eldest brother, Jamie, left the band in 2016, who was their co-lead singer and guitarist.  But, did his departure affect the band at all?  Sydney, the lead singer, says no way!

“It’s still Echosmith at the core — there are still real drums, real bass, the same girl singing — but I do feel like it sounds older. We are five or six years older than we were when we recorded our first album, so naturally, there are a lot of changes that happen.”

By “older,” they mean more emotionally vulnerable.  Their songs evolved from happier tunes or those pining about teenage desires (being cool,) to exploring emotions and being more honest with themselves.  Over My Head is a perfect introduction to the new Echosmith.

The song itself will have different meanings to people, so it can be about a lover, a family member, or a friend because every relationship has its ups and downs.   Sydney adds:

“It’s just about miscommunication and misunderstandings, which happens in every type of relationship, no matter how hard you try.”

Be careful about this song, though!  It’s VERY catchy!


P!nk – Whatever You Want

It’s like every song that’s come from her 6th studio album, Beautiful Trauma, was a massive hit!  Whatever You Want is no different.  This song was first released as a promotional single to tease P!nk’s upcoming album, but made it’s official debut last month.  The music video quickly followed, showcasing all the prep she poured into creating her Beautiful Trauma world tour.  Yes, the video contains plenty of footage of her swinging from the rafters and being suspended over the audience.

Not only that, the song highlights her family and includes some personal videos, as well.

The song is a classic P!nk tune about fighting for love without being too serious, angry, or depressing.  In fact, it’s overflowing with hope by promising that there’s “dark before the light.”  Sure to be a pretty big summer smash, you can count on it!