Today*s Star – Harry Styles

Today*s Star – Harry Styles

And here we thought this guy was going to be the breakout JT of One Direction. Either way, Harry Styles did not disappoint with his solo career!

He was the favorite member of One Direction for many fans, even Simon Cowell himself fell in love with him! However, we might not even have known about Styles had his mom not pushed him to try out for the X Factor UK all those years ago. Although he failed to progress as a solo artist, he was ultimately teamed up with Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik. It was actually Styles who came up with the band name “One Direction” and the boys agreed to keep it!

Sure, 1D didn’t win X Factor because England LOVES voting for the Underdog, they did come in 3rd and are one of the show’s most prolific and successful acts. We knew these guys were in for the long haul when they recorded their first professional single “What Makes You Beautiful.” We still hear this song all the time on Star 99.9 because it’s so whimsical, cute, and fun!

Once 1D announced their split, Harry Styles worked on his solo career AND his acting career. He issued his first single, “Sign of the Times” around this time last year while shooting his first-ever movie role in Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk.” Critics raved about Styles’ acting ability and named him one of the highlights of the entire movie.

We can’t lie, he’s a very unique guy with an awesome sense of fashion with a good creative head on his shoulders. Although Niall Horan got a major head start in the solo artist game, we have no qualms about Harry catching up.

And, hey, if he doesn’t, he can always go the JT route and work on his acting career before returning to music.