Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals-Cher

Raven’s Choice Pet Pet Pals-Cher

Meet Cher! She’s a three month old kitty at the CT Humane Society, if you’d like to visit her, come to the Westport branch!

From CT Humane Society: Oh this kitten sure is cute!!! Adopting a kitten is a very important decision. This itty bitty kitty will grow into a cat that will depend on you for love and care for the rest of its life. Kittens are super playful and very curious so don’t forget to kitten-proof your home. Some kittens enjoy the company of other animals and some do not, but that can be determined at the shelter. Bringing home a new kitten is a fun and life changing event. The love and companionship that cats give are priceless and many people regard their new pet as a member of the family. If you are interested in adopting Cher, visit the CT Humane Society in Westport today.

Fun facts about Cher:
~ I am a quiet and reserved kitty. I would prefer a peaceful home that will give me time to adjust to a new environment.

~ I have not had much experience with children but am willing to consider sharing my home with kids who can be gentle and respectful of pets.

~ I may be able to live with a small dog.