The Anna & Raven Show 12-5-18

The Anna & Raven Show 12-5-18

Raven is joined by Stephanie and Producer Christian this morning! If you missed any of today’s show catch up with Anna & Raven now On Demand!

Honda of Westport Couple’s Court:

Guess who’s dating their high school daughter’s math teacher? Wendy that’s who! The hard part? Telling her of course! Wendy says let’s wait but Steve thinks she’ll figure it out and be mad so they should tell her now. Who’s side are you on? With your calls and the verdict!

That nasty unseen thing on that restaurant or store kiosk touchscreen:

Yeah technology is great, but it turns out it’s also covered in invisible poop! That’s a real thing, so what are doing to prevent touching this dirty, dirty world your now living in?

Can you ever trust a bowtie:

Raven has a firm belief when it comes to this unsettling fashion choice… what do you think, is his theory sound?

Anna Zap babay 2.0 update:

Anna’s newest little one has now been on the planet three weeks! It’s time for us to check in and she how mother and child are holding up…:)

Santa Tipline: Powered by SOBOL

Everybody knows the best way to get on Santa’s nice list is to make sure everyone else is on the naughty list! Share your stories of people misbehaving with Anna & Raven and we’ll make sure Santa hears all about it! Call 203-783-8282 to leave your message today!

All I need to know about you:

We get it, snap judgments aren’t very grownup but if we’re honest we all make them! What one thing did you see that was all you need to know about someone?

Can’t Beat Raven:

Every morning at eight try and beat Raven on today’s biggest celebrity stories! If you can do better than him he’ll buy you lunch, good luck!

Tell us something good!

The world is full of bad news everyday, that’s why we make the time to talk about something good each and every day we’re here!

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