The Anna & Raven Show: 1-11-19

The Anna & Raven Show: 1-11-19

Anna & Raven love Friday’s the most, who doesn’t?!  if you missed any of today’s show catch up with Anna & Raven now On Demand!

Honda of Westport Couple’s Court:

Dawn and Ron’s teenager want’s cash for watching his younger sister and mom doesn’t see a problem with that. Dad says helping family is part of growing up and learning responsibility, absolutely not going to be paid for it! What do you think about this, who’s side are you on? With your calls and the verdict!

What instantly makes you fat:

Forget the diets and calorie counting, Anna & Raven are asking what food when you eat it do you feel instantly fat? We all know that feeling… I love this, I ate this, I’m a house. Yup, that feeling!

What makes your dog so dumb:

After the world’s most intelligent dog species are named in a study Anna & Raven question the results based on their pets and their demonstrated brain power. So we ask you, what’s that thing your dog does that makes them so dumb lol?

Raven’s Report Card:

Its her favorite time of the week, when Anna calls Raven’s wife Alicia to see how he behaved as a husband! What do you think his grade will be today?

All I need to know about you:

We get it, snap judgments aren’t very grownup but if we’re honest we all make them! What one thing did you see that was all you need to know about someone?

Can’t Beat Raven:

Every morning at eight try and beat Raven on today’s biggest celebrity stories! If you can do better than him he’ll buy you lunch, good luck!

Tell us something good!

The world is full of bad news everyday, that’s why we make the time to talk about something good each and every day we’re here!

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