• Katy Perry Wants This Adorable Girl to be a Princess

    Driven by Scap Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

    WATCH this viral girl explain why she's not a princess. More
  • 60 Seconds Behind the Scenes: Meet Syracuse Jeff

    Today Syracuse Jeff hung out with Anna Zap on the air- She did a 60 Seconds Behind the Scenes asking him to introduce himself but he decided it was a stand-up routine instead. More
  • Star Mornings on Demand: Age Difference

    Joann and Andy's 20-year-old daughter (that still lives at home) is dating a 32-year-old guy... Andy says not in his house, Joann says she's an adult and can make her own decisions- The audience voted with Andy this morning... Did they get it right? More
  • 60 Seconds Behind the Scenes: Anna and Kevin From O'Neill's Irish Pub!

    We partnered up with our friends at Curran Volkswagon today and had a great live broadcast from O'Neill's Irish Pub in South Norwalk to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! Here's a behind the scenes video showing all the fun! More
  • Star Mornings On Demand: Blow Outs

    Today in the Honda of Westport Couple's Court, Jason called in and said his wife Francesca has recently started getting blow out on her hair every Friday. He doesn't understand why she has to pay someone to blow dry her hair- Why can't she do it herself? She argues that they do a perfect job, it lasts for days, and it makes her feel good. A vast majority of the audience agreed with Francesca this morning. More
  • Daily Dish: Heather Mills... On Her Own Planet

    Does the name Heather Mills ring a bell? She's Paul McCartney's ex-wife and she may be delusional. According to this interview people know who she is versus Paul (the BEATLE) and she feels he's just making music with Kanye and Rihanna to stay relevant. (insert eye roll here) Watch the video here! More
  • 60 Seconds Behind the Scenes: Guess How Many Birds for Kelly Clarkson Tickets

    You usually have to call and win tickets to events, but today Anna felt like doing something different- Guess how birds are on her shirt and win the tickets! You can vote by putting your number in the comments on our Facebook page! More
  • Daily Dish: Nick Does It Again!, Kathy Griffin Quits... and More!

    Miss the celebrity news this morning? Anna has you covered with the Daily Dish! Today, Nick Fradiani makes it to the Top 11 on American Idol, Kathy Griffin quits Fashion Police, and Cinderella comes out... with a huge Disney announcement. More
  • 60 Seconds Behind the Scenes: From the Taste of Home Stage

    Last night was our Taste of Home event presented by Fairfield Hyundai at Webster Bank Arena- Anna hosted the event with Scot Haney from Channel 3 WFSB- Here's some fun clips from the night! More
  • Star Mornings on Demand: Too Much Reality TV?!

    In today's Honda of Westport Couple's Court, Nick is sick of his wife's obsession with reality TV and wants her to quite. She says that she does't tell him what to watch so to mind his own business. It was really close today, but a slight majority of the audience agreed that Tanya was right and he needs to back off. More
  • Daily Dish: Nick Fradiani Makes Top 12 American Idol!

    Last night Connecticut's own Nick Fradiani made it to the Top 12 on American Idol! If you haven't voted for him yet- then what are you waiting for? If you missed it here's his performance of "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel- It was a "Back to the Beginning" night and that was his original audition song. More
  • 60 Seconds Behind the Scenes: Stepping Stones Museum for Children Turns 15!

    Stepping Stones Museum for Children in Norwalk turned 15 years old today! To help celebrate, Anna stopped by and checked out all the cool stuff they have going on! More
  • Star Mornings On Demand: Is Chivalry Dead?

    Today on the Honda of Westport Couple's Court, Tara said that her boyfriend of three months should pick up the check every once in a while when they go out but Jason thinks it's too soon to be "financially invested" in the relationship. The audience did side with Tara and basically convinced her to get rid of him. More
  • Daily Dish: The Return of Zoolander... and More!

    Yesterday a jury decided that "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke and Pharrell DID steal from Marvin Gaye's "Got to Give it Up" even though they claim they were just paying homage to the late musician. Courts ordered them to pay $7.4 million dollars in damages... And a big announcement about Zoolander 2! More
  • 60 Seconds Behind the Scenes- A Snow Date in March?!

    How about this! As a testament to how terrible this winter has been, there's a great event happening this weekend with A SNOW DATE- in MARCH! More
  • Morning Show On-Demand!

    Miss any of the Honda of Westport Couple's Court today? You can catch up here! Michelle says that now that she's married, they should spend Easter alternating at their family's homes- but her husband Anthony says that they always separate, why change that now? She ends up with the most votes this morning! Anthony wasn't amused... at all. More
  • Daily Dish: The Bachelor is Over

    Another season of The Bachelor is behind us- Did Prince Farming find his Corn Princess? Find out and watch Jimmy Kimmel's hilarious take on it. More
  • Daily Dish: John Mayer Admits He's an Egomaniac

    In the least surprising news you'll hear today, John Mayer is saying in an interview that he is a "recovering" egomaniac- But oddly from this interview, he sounds like an egomaniac more than ever. Watch the video here! More
  • 60 Seconds Behind the Scenes: What's a "Sister Station"?

    A lot of times people think we're competing with other radio stations- and we certainly are BUT we have a family of stations under the Connoisseur Media family... and we all work together and actually love each other. No competition amongst this crew. Here's more about it. More
  • Daily Dish: Harrison Ford Does His Own Stunts

    Harrison Ford was in a plane crash, luckily he's totally fine- We can't say the same about the World War II training plane that he was flying. The engine dropped so he had to make an emergency landing on a golf course. He hit a tree on the way but is okay and will make a full recovery. This is his second crash, he had another plane accident in 1999. More
  • Star Mornings On Demand: Are Sleep Schedules Important?! and More!

    Miss Anna this morning on the air? This week she had Mike Adam hanging out with her and they tackled a father who thought his wife was way too serious about bed times during today's Honda of Westport Couple's Court... Anna surprised Mike after he was ranting about news people and had Heidi Voight from NBC CT put him in his place... and it's Friday, which means another Headlines with Hayden! That's where Anna asks her almost six-year-old daughter about the biggest news stories of the week! More
  • What You Missed This Morning on Demand! 03/05/15

    If you missed it this morning on the Honda of Westport Couple's Court, Sara was shocked that her fiancee Josh wants to invite his ex-girlfriend to their wedding! It was a close one but the audience agreed with Sara- Get her off that invite list! More
  • Daily Dish: Nick Fradiani Makes it to Top 8 Guys on American Idol!

    In case you missed it this morning, Connecticut's own Nick Fradiani has made it to the Top 8 guys on American Idol! If you haven't voted for him yet, get to it and help cheer him on as he progresses! More
  • 60 Seconds Behind the Scenes: New Travel Mugs From Dunkin' Donuts, We're Pumped

    It doesn't take much to get Anna and Mike really excited- We have proof of that because today Dunkin Donuts brought us MONSTER SIZED coffee mugs! We need our coffee like crazy and with this mug we get refills for just $1.49 until 4/30/15- It's cool too... You can put hot or cold stuff in it... More
  • 60 Seconds Behind the Scenes: Ever Win Tickets From Star 99.9?

    Ever win tickets from Star 99.9 and have no idea what to expect? Well, here you go! Anna takes you down the hall and into the reception at the Star 99.9 studios to get you a feel of what happens... It's uneventful but hey!, we have cool posters. More