Shh! We're Eating, No Talking!

Last weekend, A restaurant in Brooklyn held its first ever silent meal. Eat, located in Greenpoint served a $40 four-course meal to patrons. The only house rule was no talking whatsoever!

As a teenager I practiced this rule daily. My brothers and I would come to the dinner table, eat, and then go off to do homework or play video games. But as a customer at a restaurant, I don't think I could be out with friends and be forced to be silent.

The manager of Eat said he visited a monastery that served silent meals with the purpose of enhancing the entire eating experience. By not talking, you are focusing on the food, its nutritional value, the taste and texture. There will be many more silent dinners held at this Brooklyn bistro. Are there any eateries in CT that have the "no talking" rule during dinner? Would you try it out?