Daily Dish: Lauryn Hill Goes To Danbury Jail and More...

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Lauryn Hill from the Fugees began her three-month sentence for tax evasion this week.  She pled guilty last year for not filing taxes for the $1.8 million dollars she earned from 2005-2007.  She failed to pay about $1 million in taxes over the last year.  In her defense, she has six kids.  So she was probably just really busy and forgot to pay them- or they’re eating her out of house and home.  Regardless, she’s actually serving her sentence here in Connecticut in Danbury at the women’s prison there which is minimum security and they live in dorm style rooms.  Kind of like college but you have to work doing food service and landscaping.  And I doubt there’s keg parties.  Get the full scoop here.


Everybody is on high alert for the Royal baby who is due any day now- Paparazzi have been lined up outside the hospital for a week just waiting for Kate to go into labor.  Reports are already coming in about ridiculous baby gifts that Kate and William are receiving including a $15,000 bracelet for Kate that has a small jewel incrusted pot that holds very high end diaper cream.  The creators say that the Duchess needs to be stylish when applying rash cream to the royal baby’s bum.  Here’s the twist- they aren’t even giving it to her- they are auctioning it off and then using the money they make to donate to her favorite charities.  Sounds like a marketing gimmick to me. Check out this bracelet here.


It’s finally official- Today will be Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s last day on The View.  It’s been rumored that they were getting rid of her as part of a re-vamping of the cast- Elisabeth will join the Fox and Friends news morning show.  She’s actually a CT resident and bought a house in Greenwich last year. The rumor right now is that Jenny McCarthy may take her spot on the View. Also another name being thrown around to join the roundtable is Brooke Shields. Elisabeth isn’t the only one out- Joy Behar is getting her own show and Barbara Walters announced her retirement recently too.  The big question is- Does anyone even watch that show anymore?  I feel like they’re one bad season from being a disaster… like American Idol. 


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