Daily Dish: The Oprah/Lindsay Interview... and More!

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Turns out that Beyonce’s little pixie haircut that had way too many girls running to the salons to copy her was short lived- She’s already rocking a longer style. It’s a bob that’s longer in the front, kind of like what Tori Spelling had. I feel bad for all the girls that ran out to copy her and chopped off their hair for nothing.

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Kim Kardashian lashed out at Katie Couric over the weekend- Apparently Katie sent Kim a baby present to congratulate her on Nori along with a note that said she humbly suggest they continue the K tradition for her- but apparently last week she did an interview with In Touch magazine where Katie was asked about the Kardashians and she said that she didn’t understand why they were famous and said that only teenage girls were interested in them- So to get her back, Kim took a picture of the note and the onesie and basically said she hates fake media friends. enter image description here

Last night it finally happened, the Oprah interview with Lindsay Lohan that they’ve been talking about since she was still in rehab-

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