Mom of the Week: CT Desperate Housewife Mom



A couple with fertility issues finally got pregnant with the help of In Vitro- So everything’s great, right?  Wrong.  They found out that they are pregnant with twins- twin boys.  Instead of being thankful, they took to the Internet to blame themselves- Saying that they wanted ONE baby- and they wanted it to be a girl and now they’ve ruined their lives. 




A 39-year-old mother in Darien allegedly left her three children, ages 7, 5 and 3, at home while she ran to a neighbors house.  The seven-year-old got worried when he couldn’t find his mom and called the police.  When the police arrived, they found the back sliding glass open and when the mother returned, she admitted to running to a neighbors house to grab something but then stayed for a glass of wine. More here.



A Stamford mother was arrested after she had to have her car towed because she didn’t have a valid license.  Allegedly she asked the tow truck driver to bring her car to her home for free- when he refused, she threatened to tell the police that he sexually assaulted her- The tow truck driver realized he was being blackmailed so he asked her to repeat her threat- She did and this time he recorded her on his cell phone.  Once she realized that he had recorded her, she attacked him and bit him.  When police re-arrived, she allegedly asked them if there was anything she could do to make this whole scenario go away because she had a baby girl at home. Read the whole story here.


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