Big Jim and Anna Show Cliff Notes: Monday, 12/2/13

Auburn versus Alabama

Apparently Auburn beat Alabama in college football which was a nail biter- but what’s really funny is the fan reactions… We made fun of them endlessly.  NOTE! This clip contains words that are NSFW or kids…




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Actor Paul Walker died over the weekend, in a car crash 30 miles north of L.A.  It was after a charity event, while he was taking a break from filming the seventh movie in the "Fast and Furious" franchise.  He was just 40 years old.  He left the event in a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, driven by a friend who's a former race car driver.  They were speeding when they lost control, slammed into a couple trees and a lamp post, and the car blew up.  They were both killed instantly.   Of course this is really sad, but the irony is crazy- Here he talks about racing:



On Saturday night, Will Ferrell was the guest anchor at the local CBS news station in Bismarck, North Dakota . . . as Ron Burgundy, his character from "Anchorman."  He did it along with anchor Amber Schatz, and stayed in character the entire time.  They read local news, and you can tell Amber was trying not to laugh the whole time. Anchor Man 2 is coming out December 18th.



Black Friday Madness


Black Friday madness took over the nation this past weekend- Walmart boasted that they sold 2 million TVs, 1.4 million tablets, 1.9 million dolls and over 2 million towels and oddly it was the towels that caused riots and fights in West Memphis, Arkansas where multiple fights broke out in the towel aisle- Here are some of the tweets:


Connecticut wasn’t exempt from the Black Friday Fighting- a fight broke out in the Danbury Mall Food Court and hundreds ran for cover… Good news is that no one was hurt but stores did go on lockdown.  This would have been so much cooler if there was an actual food fight in the food court on Black Friday… More here.



The biggest fight of Black Friday though was On Black Friday was in Philadelphia.  Two men started a fight and then their wives joined in and started to fight- all in front of their children.  The fight only ended when one woman used a stun gun.  Yes, a stun gun. Of course there’s video- Crazy.  Cyber Monday will be less dangerous… we think. 



7:40 Couple’s Court- Company Holiday Party?

Tamar called because her husband Mike doesn’t want her to go to her company’s holiday party.  In the years past, he had been invited but this year because of budget cuts, only employees are invited.  She wants to go and he says no because he knows how much everyone drinks.  He says that parties are not mandatory work events and she shouldn’t have to go.  She says she won’t drink and wants to go to be part of the social environment.  In the end, you voted that the party was optional and that she did not have to go- and actually, she wasn’t allowed to.  Clearly, she was sad at the end result. 


Triple Shot of Espresso

Here are the three biggest news stories of the day according to Big Jim...

  1. Cyber Monday is today and the people are going crazy for it.  More here. 
  2. A tragic train derailment in New York left four dead and many more injured.  Info here. 
  3. New panda cub has a name! Bao Bao- More about this  adorable guy here.  

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