Big Jim and Anna Cliff Notes: Friday, 12/6/13

Miss any of The Big Jim and Anna Show? Here's what you missed... 


1.  On Tuesday, a woman in her thirties named Jeanne Ouellete was in the dressing room at Kohl's in Kansas.  She saw a guy sticking his video camera under her dressing room stall to video her, so she ran TOPLESS through Kohl's to catch him.  She's having a worse week than you.  

Click ---> to watch her interview: KCTV5


2.  Then there was the 33-year-old man who stood on a fence railing to adjust his Christmas lights, only to slip and strike both testicles on the railing. He was treated and released for bruising. 15,000 People in the USA spent time in the emergency room last year for holiday related injuries.  Officials say that you should avoid drinking while you decorate because that’s when the most injuries occur.  So don’t drink and decorate.  Here’s more about holiday decorating injuries. 


3.  A 22 year old Bridgeport man was in Stamford and carjacked a guy- He threatened the driver and told him to drive him to Bridgeport- The poor driver had no choice but to do what the thief was telling him- so he followed the directions of the carjacker- luckily for the driver, he directed him right into a DUI check point manned with 22 Stamford, Darien and state police officers- They were surrounded by police and they arrested the carjacker.  He told police he just wanted a ride to Bridgeport. Whole story here.



In an exclusive interview set to air Friday on TODAY, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo reveals to Matt Lauer who he'd like to see on the social network.  All female comedians! Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Melissa McCarthy!


Carrie Underwood had her big acting debut in her performance last night with The Sound of Music live on NBC- We knew she could sing- but could she act? Anna and Big Jim performed a re-enactment.  They’ve decided both their reenactment and the original were terrible. 



Will Ferrell is continuing his all-out promotional onslaught leading up to the release of "Anchorman 2", which comes out December 18th.  Yesterday he was on “The Dan Patrick Show” in character as Ron Burgundy and the best part? Right here in Milford!


Holiday Helpers

Today Tasha reached out to us to assist her brother, his wife and their children this holiday season.  Her brother has Crohn’s Disease and it’s prevented him from getting regular employment.  His wife recently went back to work from her maternity leave and they could use some extra help to get through Christmas $100 Buy Buy Baby from Westford Connecticut Post Mall, toys for the children, $100 to Macy's and tons of food to fill the pantry.    If you would like to nominate someone, click here. 


7:40a Couple’s Court- Ex’s on Facebook

Andrea called in about her ex-boyfriend.  Turns out he has been posting pictures of them from when they were dating years ago.  They’re a little racy and she’s married now with a child and wants him to take them down.  He refuses saying that they were from them when they were “happy”.  Ultimately, the audience sided with Andrea and the pictures were ordered to be taken down. 


Triple Shot of Espresso

Big Jim counts down three stories you should know for today.

  1. Nelson Mandela has passed away.  Full story here. 
  2. Unemployment rate is going down! More here.
  3. Chase breach could have as many as 14k CT residents with problems.  More here.  




In a landmark case in NY, two women are getting a divorce- and they’re battling… for the dog.  Big Jim says that the person who the pet loves me should keep the pet.  Anna says it’s kind of ridiculous to be taking the courts time to argue about custody of a pet.  Here’s the full story



New Jersey is considering having it be illegal to eat while driving.  They are taking the “stop texting and driving” and making it about anything that takes your primary focus off the roads.  Anna gets why this up for discussion, but Big Jim thinks that he is the greatest food eater/driver on the planet.  He will demonstrate this in a video that they’ll create later- Anna is concerned for her life while he eats a burrito and drives along 95 with no hands.  Full story here.  


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  1. tashac_0654 posted on 12/06/2013 01:17 PM
    you Guys are the BEST you have made my holiday season the best one ever by helping my brother and his family for the holidays. You are all angels!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really am so very greatful to everyone who helped make it possible. They are so greatful and appreciative also.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :)
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