Big Jim and Anna Cliff Notes: Tuesday 12/17/13

Miss any of The Big Jim and Anna Show today?  Here's a rundown of what happened... 


Holiday Helpers: Newly Single Mom

Rich nominated his neighbor Mory who has recently become a single mother this holiday season.  She works for a charity and works hard to provide for her children.  We tried to make her holiday brighter by offering her a new tablet for her daughter that’s getting ready for college, a pizza party at Colony Grill, toys for her younger child, groceries and more!


Honda of Westport 7:40a Couple’s Court: She’s fake pregnant?!

Steve called in because he’s nervous about his girlfriend meeting his parents for the first time this Christmas.  He’s white.  She’s black.  He’s concerned that his family may not accept her- So he thinks that she should pretend she’s pregnant with his baby because they’ve always wanted to be grandparents and then they’ll have to embrace her.  She thinks it’s a bad idea.  Not surprisingly, everyone agreed that it was a crazy idea and they should just accept her- without the fake pregnancy story. 



Triple Shot of Info Espresso

Big Jim counts down the three biggest stories of the day to get you in the know.

  1. Mega Millions could reach 1 billion… More here. 
  2.  Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees listed here.
  3. George Zimmerman painting selling on eBay.  All about it here.



Daily Dish is brought to you by:

Katy Perry was performing at the NRJ Music Awards in France, and she was lip-syncing.  She was so far off with the music that the host of the awards show actually come back on stage and stopped her- Then he insisted she start over.  She did start over and sang for real- One problem.. She had been sick and her voice wasn't warm yet... The results- Not so great.  Not surprisingly, when I went to link video so you can see the debacle for yourself (and feel horrible for her) it's been removed from every site.   

Charlie Sheen says he’s going to reduce Denise Richard’s child support because it’s not court mandated.  Apparently, he pays her $55k a month for his two daughters- but he says he’s going to cut that because she won’t let him have Christmas morning with the girls. 

Sheen lashed out at Denise by tweeting this pic:




Justin Timberlake played wingman at his concert in Louisville over the weekend- He prearranged to have a concertgoer propose to his girlfriend on stage! The man had been trying to reach out to Justin for months and was finally able to make contact with his manager.  Here’s video from the proposal:



Big Jim refuses to stop making fun of Anna for the way she pronounces "debacle".  He's a lunatic.  He created a video about it.  



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