Mom Of The Week: Stroller Edition

#3 Debra Becker of Michigan was so upset that she wasn’t invited to her own daughter’s wedding, that she showed up anyway and allegedly rammed her car into her daughters car in the parking lot.  She managed to hit a few other cars too.  Police say she was highly intoxicated and upset about not being invited.  They found an open bottle of liquor in her car and some Papaya juice.  (I just wanted to go to my daughter’s wedding) Read the whole story here  


#2 A Connecticut grandmother makes the list! Audrey Smith of West Haven allegedly took her 1 year-old granddaughter out for a wak in the child’s stroller- Problem 1.  It was 10:15 at night.  Problem 2: She was wandering in the middle of the street… and Problem 3: She was drunk and police found a half empty open bottle of vodka in the stroller.  When police approached her she screamed at them and thrashed around in the police cruiser. Read the whole story here 


#1 20-year-old Mom Jessica Hurley was arrested after she allegedly left her 9-month-old baby in a hot car with the windows only open 1 inch.  Where was she? She was shopping at Lovers Lane, an adult entertainment store.  But when asked why she left her baby in a hot car she said it was because the sign on the door said no one under 18 was allowed inside. Read the whole story here