Mom of the Week: Who Throws Their Baby?!

#3: The family that runs an illegal gambling ring together stays together- and allegedly that’s what happened in Idaho where allegedly 60-year-old Jo Anne Lough along with her husband and 33-year-old son ran a not one but TWO illegal gambling operations.  I imagine her serving Tostitos and salsa to the poker players. Read the whole crazy store here.  


 #2: The woman who is now known as Drunk Florida “Party Mom” aka 39-year-old  Kimberly Kiernan allegedly invited 26 underage kids to her home and threw a huge party for them including cocktails- One pesky problem though- her seven-year old son.  She locked him in the bathroom during the party. When cops showed up all the underage kids were belligerent drunk.  They should call her Cougar Party Mom.   She was arrested.  Can't believe it?  Us either.  Get the whole story here.  


#1: 23-year-old Ashley Wright from Florida was allegedly shoplifting clothes and hiding them in her child’s stroller.  As she went out to the car, police approached her so she allegedly held up the baby carrier with the baby in it and screamed “You will have to shoot through the baby to get me!”- Which FYI, I don’t think they shoot shoplifters- If that wasn’t enough- she then allegedly through the baby carrier with the baby in it at the police officer.  Thankfully, the baby was buckled in and was totally unharmed.  She obviously was arrested. Oh, and she had two other children in the car with her.  Read the whole incident here.