Mom of the Week: You Lied About What?!

Mom of the Week! Every week we pick three mother's throughout the nation who have done something so ridiculous/terrible that it makes you feel better as a parent. Afterall, we're not all perfect parents, but at least we try! 

#3: Jennifer Aniston’s new movie is out called We’re the Millers where she plays a stripper that teams up with a fake family to smuggle pot over the border with her fake husband and fake children- but allegedly Lysette Salazar Miranda used her real children including a two year and posed as a vacationing family and tried to smuggle $168,000 worth of marijuana over the border.  It was hidden in a trap door in the minivan. 


#2: There’s always a drunk mom on the list and this week is no different.  Angela Marie Guice from Virginia allegedly went out with her five-year-old had a few too may cocktails and decided to take a nap… in a library.  The librarian called the police to report that a woman was passed out near the computer table. 


#1: The worst Mom of the week and possibly the month is a mother named Abreail Winkler of Utah who has allegedly been collecting donations for her daughter who she claims to have cancer- Well, the truth is that she made it all up.  Not only doesn’t her four-year-old have cancer, she also convinced the child that she was sick.  For $3000- She might be ranked up there with worst mom of all time.