Mom of the Week: Chuck E Cheese Edition

Oddly enough, there have been enough arrests at Chuck-E-Cheeses in the country that our usual top three list could have very easily been a top ten list! But alas, we must stick to the rules and only three Mom's can be crowned as Mom of the Week- Even for the Chuck-E-Cheese edition...


In Florida at a Chuck E Cheese an aunt (I know, I know, it's not a mom but close enough!) allegedly brought her 9-year-old to a birthday party where she instructed him to steal purses of other women that were there. The entire thing was caught on camera and police are looking for them.

In the Milwaukee area, police say that two 28-year-old mothers were arrested after a fight broke out inside a Chuck E Cheese. 20 people were involved in a fight that started because allegedly a child was taking too long to trade in their game tickets for a toy and the parents in line got restless. Punches were thrown; someone started spraying pepper spray- Five people were treated for chemical irritation. More here.


And of course at number 1, the Connecticut mom from Middleton that was arrested at a Chuck E Cheese when she allegedly pulled out a handgun and threatened another mom when they got into an argument over their children. Supposedly the one with the gun had a son who pushed the other child, who was only two years old off a ride.

Chuck E Cheese released a statement:
In all of our stores around the country we display very visible signs prohibiting entry with weapons or firearms without exception. While the patron in question has a valid State of Connecticut pistol permit, she was in clear violation of this order on private property and our staff acted accordingly.