Daily Dish: Sharon Osbourne Had a Fling With Who?!

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Sharon Osbourne revealed something pretty juicy on The Talk this week... She says that when she first moved to America, before she married Ozzy- she had a fling… with Jay Leno! She saw him at a comedy club, basically drunk dialed him a bunch and one thing led to another… didn’t last though because a few months later he introduced her to his current wife. The best part is that she claims he liked her voice. It's the two most awkward voices in the world going at it!

There was this video that went totally viral- You probably already saw it- Watch it first:

It’s a girl by herself in her apartment videoing herself twerking- She’s standing on her hands leaning up against a door- you know, twerking- Then her roommate comes home, opens the door, she falls over onto the coffee table that has candles on it- gets set on fire- Over ten million hits on YouTube- big revelation though by Jimmy Kimmel: