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Daily Dish: Chris Brown in J.A.I.L.

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Remember when Chris Brown made a big deal about the fact that he was more grown up now? He said that his incident with Rihanna was a matter of immaturity... All better now, he's grown up! He says he's fought to win back his reputation (Has he really?) and now, he has yet another battle to fight. This time it involves a fight he got into outside of a hotel in Washington DC. There are versions of what happened- One story says that he was posing for pictures with two girls when two guys jumped in to photobomb the picture- At that point, the story says that Chris Brown said a homophobic slur and punched and broke one guys nose. The other story says that the two men were trying to sneak onto Chris Brown's tour bus and that's when Chris Brown attacked him.
The victim already has a lawyer and has pressed charges. (Well, of course- Did anyone think he really wouldn't? Here's your fifteen minutes of fame!) Chris Brown and his bodyguard were arrested and held in jail until today when a judge would be available to see them. Since Chris Brown is still on probation for the Rihanna incident, he faces four years in prison (max sentence) for this fight.

Who wants to bet money that he'll blame the media on this? It's coming. I'll put money on it.

Remember when he talked about how he's changed?

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