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Coldplay is in my top ten bands list for sure! Finally got to see them last December at Mohegan Sun and they were phenomenal! More about that later..

Coldplay was started back in 1996 by Chris Martin & Jonny Buckland. The two lads met at school in London and formed a band they called Pectoralz. Two years later, bandmates Will Champion & Guy Berryman joined them and they became Coldplay. Their debut album, Parachutes was a global hit, and their first single "Yellow" achieved the guys worldwide fame! Inspired by bands such as U2 and R.E.M.Coldplay's sound can be described as dream-pop or brit-pop and alternative. (Well Chris Martin is definitely dreamy!)

Throughout their career, Coldplay has won: 3 BRIT awards, 5 VMA's and 7 Grammys! They weren't just well-received from critics, the listeners were true fans, and loyal at that! In 2003, Rolling Stone magazine readers chose Coldplay as the best artist and best band of the year!

So back to Coldplay giving one of the most epic performances I've seen..I was lucky to even had made it to the show! It took me three hours to get to Mohegan because I was driving in a snow storm. It was well worth it though! Everyone in the audience was handed a thick plastic wristband that lit up. The very cool thing about the wristbands were certain ones would light up at specific moments during a song. You could look out into the crowd and there was a sea of colorful blinking lights. Chris Martin was all over the place too! It didn't matter where your seats were, Chris made sure you had a good view. He was dancing up and down the platform, interacting with the crowd. During In My Place there was an explosion of confetti and it was just a beautiful sight! The video below sums up the amazingness I just tried to explain. If you have never seen them live, you will want to after this video - Enjoy!

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