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How Much Would It Cost To Buy Everything In The "12 Days of Christmas"?

Christmas may actually be 22 days away, but chances are you are already hearing the "12 Days of Christmas" song in malls by now. 


I've always wondered if there has ever been anyone who has actually tried to buy everything that is mentioned in the song. There has to be right? 




Well if  you decided to do it this year in 2013, according PNC Financial it would cost you $27,393.17. 


WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! That's unbelievably higher than I thought. And it is actually UP from last year! Which would have ran you $25,431.18.


The hilarious part is that's only the price if you buy everything ONCE.  Technically, if you want to go by the song and stay true to the bit (as you should!) every day you have to RE-BUY everything from previous days. So on day three, you'd give three French hens, but also two more turtle doves and another partridge in a pear tree!

So if you were to do it that way, you'd be looking at spending $114,651.18. Seems like a lot of money just for the sake of a wacky bit. 


I really hope someone does this. 





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